Kita-Kon has introduced these policies to make the convention a safe place for everyone. We ask that every attendee read over these policies so that they understand what is expected and allowed during the course of the event.

Section 1 – General Policies

1a. General Conduct

  • Please follow all requests given by convention staff or by the venue’s security team.
  • All questions, concerns, and complaints should be immediately brought to the attention of convention staff at either the registration desk or convention operations.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of majority.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times, which is at the discretion of convention staff. Pants, shirts, and shoes must be worn at all times, and as a general rule, please keep it PG-13.
  • No large bags are permitted inside the Dealer’s Room & Artist Alley.
  • Do not block traffic for any reason, please keep all of the hallways and rooms clear.
  • Minors are not permitted to attend any mature content or 18+ panels or anime showings.
  • Solicitation of donations, money or otherwise, is not permitted within the convention area.
  • Distributing commercial advertisements or promotional material without the permission of convention staff is not permitted.
  • The convention is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please report lost or stolen items to convention staff immediately.
  • Everything on our banned items appendix are not permitted at the convention.
  • Any other behavior that is illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada is not permitted (obviously).

1b. Harassment

  • Glomping is often described as unwanted hugging and/or tackling. This activity can be viewed as harassment and can even cause bodily harm to attendees.
  • Any inappropriate physical behavior, such as, assault, gesturing, stalking, etc. is not permitted and can result in an immediate ban in some instances.
  • Any offensive language, outside of an 18+ panel, is not tolerated.

1d. Food & Beverages

  • Food and Beverages are not permitted in the Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley.
  • Alcoholic drinks must be finished within a designated area. IE, The Outpost.
  • Please use the closest trash and/or recycling bins once you are finished, we want to keep the convention clean and trash free. If you notice any full trash bins, please let staff know immediately.

1c. Photography & Video Recording

Photography and video recording are permitted in all common areas of the convention with the exception of the following. Please ask permission before taking photos or video of individuals or small groups of attendees.

  • Recording video in the viewing rooms.
  • Taking photographs or recording video in 18+ panels without the panelist’s consent.
  • Taking photographs or recording video in the Dealers Room & Artist Alley.

1e. Alcohol & Drugs

  • Under no circumstances does Kita-Kon allow alcohol or drug use inside of the convention area. We will deal with each instance on a case by case basis.
  • If there is a licensed bar in or around the venue, please finish any alcoholic drinks in that designated area. Please be aware that we reserve the right to remove you from the venue if you are overly intoxicated once you return to the convention area.

Section 2 – Cosplay, Weapons, & Attire

2a. Attire

  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times, which is at the discretion of convention staff. Pants, shirts, and shoes must be worn at all times, and as a general rule, please keep it PG-13. (We are slightly more lenient on this policy for the sake of the art of cosplaying, but we are still willing to enforce this policy if we see fit.)

2b. Weapons & Props

  • Everything in the banned items appendix is not permitted.
  • When you arrive with your weapon or prop, please visit the registration desk to have them inspected. If a weapon or prop is deemed too large, the convention may store it at bag check until a photoshoot or event. If a prop is deemed inappropriate, it must be removed from convention area. If you have any questions before the event, please email operations@kita-kon.org.
  • Weapons should be holstered, sheathed, or otherwise stored unless posing for photographs.

Section 3 – Vendors & Artists

3a. General Policies

  • Kita-Kon is not responsible for merchandise or artwork that is stolen or damaged during the course of the event. We enforce a no bag policy and a no food/drink policy while attendees are in the Artist Alley & Dealers Room. These are in place to mitigate any problems that may arise.
  • Artists & Vendors are prohibited from selling merchandise in any area but the Artist Alley or Dealers Room.
  • Artists & Vendors must follow the same rules of conduct as general attendees. Please view Section 1 of the convention policies.

3d. Items Limited for Sale in the Dealers Room & Artist Alley

  • Sexually explicit and graphically violent pieces of art may be sold discreetly. You must verify ID before selling to anyone.
  • Commissions that will be completed after the event is over must disclose proper contact information, ie. name, phone number, and email address.
  • Second hand merchandise is banned from sale unless the item is collectable and in good condition. Please email vendors@kita-kon.org for more information.
  • Artwork of Yukino, our mascot, may be sold with the permission of the Artist Alley organizer. Please email vendors@kita-kon.org for more information.

3b. Bootlegs

  • Bootlegged items are not permitted for sale. Before opening the Dealers Room each day, staff will inspect booths for bootlegs. If in the event bootlegged items are found, we will ask that they be packed up and left out of sight. If vendors do not comply, membership will be revoked.

3c. Items Prohibited for Sale in the Dealers Room & Artist Alley

  • Any items that are replicas of official merchandise or artwork. For example, a reprint of a poster/wallscroll or bootlegged figurines.
  • Artwork sold on behalf of a third party. Some exceptions apply, please contact vendors@kita-kon.org.
  • Merchandise and Artwork that does not reflect Anime, Japanese, or Asian culture. Please contact vendors@kita-kon.org for any clarification.
  • Raw or open Food & Beverages.
  • Kita-Kon staff reserve the right to prohibit sales of items during the course of the event.

Appendix – Banned Item List

  • Alcohol and illegal substances.
  • Real firearms, even if they are made not to function.
  • Replica firearms, including but not limited to airsoft, paintball, and props. If the replica prop is legal, it is allowed if it is made not to function.
  • Projectile weapons, including but not limited to bows, elastic guns, water guns, and disc guns.
  • Bladed weapons, including but not limited to knives, swords, and sharp metallic objects.
  • Any large items that could interfere with or obstruct foot traffic.
  • Chains, spikes, and leashes.
  • Roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and wheelies must not be used indoors.
  • Offensive attire.
  • Promotional materials, unless approved by Kita-Kon Staff.
  • Laser pointers.