Host a Panel

Panelists are the most visible part of the convention, without them, we wouldn’t have all of the great fan content that fills the schedule each year. We are currently accepting all panels and workshops on the topics of anime, manga, Japanese Culture, sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming. If you haven’t hosted a panel or workshop before, it’s easy! Just pick a topic that you are passionate about and talk about it! Of course you can use visual aids, such as a powerpoint, to help illustrate your topic; or you can create a tutorial to help people create something amazing, it’s all up to you.

What We Offer

  • For every hour of content you provide, we will give you 25% off the price of your badge. Please note that addons are not a part of the price of a badge.
  • Stylized Kita-Kon volunteer t-shirt
  • Highschool volunteer hours.

Panel Rating System

  • All Ages No ID Check. No graphic language present. topics are suitable for all ages. No graphic language may be used, please keep this in mind while you are presenting.
  • Ages 13+ No ID Check. No graphic language present. Topics are suitable for a teenage audience. No graphic language may be used, please keep this in mind while you are presenting.
  • Ages 17+ No ID Check. Graphic language may be Present. Topics are suitable for a mature audience. This rating does not give you free reign to be offensive, but it does give you the flexibility to talk about more mature topics while giving attendees a warning of the content.
  • Ages 18+ ID Check Enforced. Graphic language may be present. Topics are suitable for an adult audience. Depictions of nudity and sexuality may be present. This rating is for panels that are extremely offensive or contain sexual content. No other rating will be given if your content includes this type of content.

Staff maintain the right to switch your rating as they see fit.

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