Kita-Kon Masquerade 2016

This year the masquerade will be done a lil bit differently! We will be opening up our show to not only cosplayers but anyone with a cool performance idea relating to Anime or East Asian culture! Want to perform a skit in cosplay with your friends, do it! Want to showcase your karaoke skills with a song from your favourite Anime, do it! Want to show off those para para dance skills, do it! Et cetera!

What you need to know before you start planning!

You and everyone in your group or performance must have a Kita-Kon convention pass. (Either for the day or for the weekend)

Must be 13 or older to participate, unless supervised by an adult.

You must be present and punctual for pre-performance and during entire performance length to be able to participate in show and qualify for awards.

Your cosplay / performance must be:

  • – Family Friendly (No foul language, no nudity or sexual content, no over the top violence)
  • – Related to Anime, East Asian Culture or Geek culture
  • – 1 minute to 7 minutes long (performance)
  • – Your cosplay must be handmade by you (If you are participating in the cosplay contest)
  • – You must follow the cosplay and prop weapons policy -insert link-
  • – You must bring at least one reference photo to prejudging this can be included in your online form if you sign up before the convention (If you are participating in the cosplay contest)

Types of performances we will be accepting:

  • – Cosplay Skits
  • – Singing
  • – Dancing
  • – Playing a Musical Instrument
  • – And more! If you have an perfomance idea that isn’t listed here email with your ideas!

Costume and Performance Contests

There will be two different contests this year, you can apply to be judged one, both or neither and do a walk-on just for fun.

The first is the cosplay craftsmanship contest which is for cosplayers who have made their cosplays, judging will be held before the Masquerade for this category so we can take a closer look at your hard work and ask you about your construction process. Then you will do a walk on in cosplay during the masquerade, at this point you can also do a skit if you would like or we can play music of your choice during your walk-on.

The second is the performance contest which you can enter if you are performing a skit, singing, dancing or showcasing a talent. You will be judged during the competition on stage based on talent, energy, crowd interaction and overall performance.

If you don’t wish to participate in either contest you can still do a walk-on in cosplay or opt out of judging on your performance.

How to Sign Up

The forms listed below must be submitted before the following dates:

If you are doing ANY type of performance(skits, dancing, singning, etc) your form must be submitted to no later than August 14th.

If you wish to include music or any sort of audio in your performance it must be emailed to no later than August 14th.

If you want to participate in both craftsmanship judging and performance judging you must fill out both forms below.

If you are doing a walk-on or cosplay judging ONLY then you have up til Saturday of the convention to submit your form and can also sign up at the con itself at the registration desk.

If you decide against participating, please bring the signup form back to the registration desk on Saturday at the latest, or email us before the event to let us know.

Performance Form

Cosplayer Form