Kita-Kon panels are submitted and planned by our dedicated attendees and staff, so if you have an idea for a panel, please feel free to submit it here

Panel Rating System

  • All Ages – No ID Check. No graphic language present. topics are suitable for all ages. No graphic language may be used. Topics are suitable for everyone.
  • Ages 13+ – No ID Check. No graphic language present. Topics are suitable for a teenage audience. No graphic language may be used by the presenter. Topics that are generally suitable for a teenage audience may be present.
  • Ages 17+ – No ID Check. Graphic language may be Present. Topics are suitable for a more mature audience. This rating is not meant to give presenters free reign to be offensive, but course language may be used in moderation and more mature topics may be present.
  • Ages 18+ – ID Check Enforced. Graphic language may be present. Topics are suitable for an adult audience. Depictions of nudity and sexuality may be present. This rating is reserved for panels that contain offensive or sexual content. Presenters are free to use course language at their discretion.

* The panel rating system is provided only as a guideline for our attendees, and is not a comprehensive rating of the content. Actual panel content, while voluntarily disclosed by the panelist and reviewed by staff, may not reflect your own subjective view of the guidelines. Parents are encouraged to contact our panel coordinator online or at the event if they have any questions about panel content.

Kita-Kon 2016

raildex cover

A Certain Kita-Kon Raildex Panel

An introduction to A Certain Magical Index and its spinoff A Certain Scientific Railgun set in the technologically advanced Academy City where scientifically developed super powers are commonplace and a boy that can negate any supernatural ability becomes involved the hidden conflict between science and magic.


Eroge and Dating Simulators!

Curious about eroge and dating simulators? Maybe you heard about it from a friend, or saw Kirino’s collection on Oreimo? Well it’s time to see the world you’ve been missing out on! Drop by to learn about this side of anime culture and some of the Kita-Kon staff’s personal favorites! Don’t be shy.


Harvest Moon

Learn about the fantastical farming game! Anyone is welcome to come and talk about a fun slice game. Also will be talking about the spin off game Rune Factory. Hope to see you there!


K-Pop Panel

New fans and old come and fangirl and fanboy hangout and discuss your favourite K-Pop idols and groups and watch K-Pop videos! Also hear our experience with sceaming internally at the sight of meeting our favourite K-Pop group and being at K-Pop concert!


Let’s Talk League

Want to cry over the lost of Dominon? Maybe you want to write a 17 page manifesto on why dynamic queue is bad.  Maybe you just want to nerd out with some fellow summoners.  Regardless Let’s Talk League will be a place where everyone and anyone can discuss everything league related.    


Love Live! School Idol Panel

A panel where I will talk about all things relating to Love Live! including the original School Idol Project and the new series starting this summer Love Live! Sunshine!! so stop on by and we’ll talk all about Love Live! I may even do a dance or two


Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament

Grab your controllers because cash is on the line at this tournament here at Kita-Kon.  Give it your all since the best of the best in town will be playing and competing to take home the prize of 100$! (split between top 3)



Super Smash Brothers Wii-U Tournament

Two tournaments in one day?!  Sign me up!
Grab your controllers because cash is on the line at this tournament here at Kita-Kon.  Give it your all since the best of the best in town will be playing and competing to take home the prize of 100$! (split between top 3)



Team Fortress 2: The famous hat simulator with a shooter minigame

Deploy your sentry gun, set your stickies and strap on your Gibus, it’s time to talk about Valve’s famous team based first person shooter. From a game that spent years in development limbo to one of the most played games on Steam, we break down Team Fortress 2 for beginning players and veterans alike. We’ll discuss topics ranging from the story, updates, the all new competitive matchmaking, and most importantly hat economic 101!


Thunda-bu Anime Community

A guided discussion on building an active anime community here in Thunder Bay.
Run by the current chairs of Lakehead Universities long-running anime club, LUM. We want to have regular events and activities for the anime fans here in town. We can do things like cosplay events, anime showings, theme parties, and more!
We want to meet you all, and hear your ideas for what you’d like to happen.